Monday, February 11, 2008

Los Extraordinarios Casos del Dr. Van Halen: Las Calles del Miedo

(The Extraordinary Cases of Dr. Van Halen: Streets of Fear)

“Helen. Although you have return, I know you are not here. Although you kisses , I know the darkness calls you again and again…"

This is the first tale of Volume 2 of the saga of Dr. Van Halen.

About the saga: in early XX century Dr. Van Halen, expert in occult science, adventurer and inquirer of supernatural, after the "mysterious disappearance" of his wife, he decide to move to an old house in Brujas, Bélgica.

There as Dr. Van Halen, you will make a valuable discovery and you will journey through Europe in search of the unknown.

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Error de Copia

(Copy error)

On board computer -- Space Freighter "Pacific", stellar date: -315365.52 Recovering operative level INIT 3 -- starting up systems.... Reaching Operation level 3 -- all the systems go. Distress signal received from planet XRJ43. Awaking captain only...

Wide-awake... feeling really bad... like always after the cryogenics. Looking around. Only you are wide-awake... the others continue sleeping. Listening the call by the hidden loudspeakers in the cryogenic unit. You must go to the bridge ASAP. You rise... as you can manage it, and stretch yourself while trying to recover your memory...

Copy Error, an interactive space odyssey.

FICOMP entry.

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Regreso al Edén

(Return to Eden)

The war between both human empires has finished after the retirement of Napua and the cession of the Trisolia System to the Vaitzu of Masanai. But somebody is not pleased with such peace: there's one species compressed in its native planet feeling the need to expand; and humans having stopped massacring themselves doesn't help things.

Trisolia hides very valuable secrets: an old civilization with a superior technology, that could make the difference in the battle for the power of the galaxy. The Vaitzu has begun the colonization and the closing of the gained system, but not all interested parties have yet surrendered.


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After a trip that almost finishes in disaster, you have finally arrived at the asteroid mining base... where the company already has a "special assignment" for you. This is not going to be easy; otherwise, they would not need "space boy" like you.

In "Macetas", Incanus presents us a story of hard Sci-Fi with touchs of acid humor, that winks to the present megacorporate system.


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El Edificio 25

(Building 25)

In 2391, 95% of Earth's population are androids: the working-class. The world is run by electronic brains to serve a small, idle and carefree, human population.

Citizen number 429, receives a concise invitation to go to a place that has changed much from the last time he was there. He will discover that something is evolving on the world.


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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Too Fast but Not Furious: RapidoComp

(Spanish Fast Comp)

A proposal and a challenge: to build an adventure during one week, using some random subjects in the design.

The result: 5 fast games in conception and virtuosos in content.
Take one each 6 hours, or after meals.

More information at wikiCAAD, or in our following postaventuras.

Marco Polo

It's a sunny day. The wind blows fresh in your hair.
Venice is guessed on the horizon, as the twisty caravan, step by step, approaches the city.

Marco Polo finally returns to Venice after his first trip to the East. In addition to being an untiring traveller, he is the Khan's emissary, charged with strengthening bonds

between Venice and the powerful Mongol empire. But an unexpected complication will force him to take the road again...

Winner of the RapidoComp

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

El día del Umami

(Umami's day)

Lupin IV, the self-appointed "Better and greatest thief of all time", keeps a secret. Close to a big score, Lupin's luck could take an unexpected turn...

You are Joseph Perez,
Lupin IV's apprentice and assistant. After several robberies in southern France both you arrive to Bordeaux on demmand of an art dealer.


El Museo de las Consciencias

(The Museum of the Consciences)

Your father forsake you before you could be able to remember it. He dropped you in a house on a small hill, under the care of two sinister women, always dressed in black. He left you to the dark corners, to the long shadows of the old house, to the silence and to the tedium. Maybe your father is dead somewhere out there. You hope and desire that it is so.

This game is part of a project for developing an exhibition of interactive art, stories and games based upon in the H.P. Lovecraft's Commonplace Book, on the 70 anniversary of his death. Extensions to the project may include transcripts, screenshots and kiosks with computers to be shown at the exhibition, conferences and festivals between 2007-2008; and a limited edition of a CD-ROM with all works received.

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